Schwinndian MotorBikes

Affordable Two-cycle Transportation

Hand Assembled


safety first

With Mk. I, our top priority was to ensure that the motorbike had plenty of safety features. This included a bell to let folks know you were coming, an electronic antitheft system, dual brake lever that equalizes the braking pressure between the front and rear tire, and battery powered LEDs to light up the path in front of you.

storage space

Not only can it propel a human nearly 30mph on flat ground, you can pack along a whole day's worth of luggage on the back rat-trap style rack. Perfect for those long hauls.


Improved Durability

The first model brought many challenges due to the mounting brackets and poor mounting surfaces. With Mkii, a few similar issues were encountered, but after some thought and revisions, a solution was put fourth. This includes a double mounted tensioner, which affixes

Vintage Vibes

With Mkii, the frame was extremely reminiscence of early day board track racing motorcycles. We even opted to forgo a front brake and exhaust muffler to stay true to style of board track racers.




Mkiii is currently under development. A lot of cool features are coming on this one, including a spring-loaded tensioner (in addition to the fixed tensioner), a hub mounted sprocket with 36 teeth, and an upgraded performance carburetor. Stay tuned!

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