Caleb Long.

Who made this website?

I’m glad you asked! My name is Caleb, and I design, develop, create, and manage websites for a living. Iโ€™ve been doing this for nearly 1/2 of my life. Why? In the digital age we live in, a solid online experience is what will set you apart from your competitors. Your website should narrate your company’s story.


Design isnโ€™t just how things look โ€” design is how things feel in your hand, and how something is connected to itโ€™s surroundings.โ€‹

Online Presense

56.1% of the world population has internet access in 2019. If half of the world canโ€™t find you on the internet, they are missing out on what you and your business has to offer!โ€‹


An iPad? How about your Android phone? Windows or MacBook? Your site should look good on everything.

Fast. Super Fast.

Have you ever used a slow website? Frustrating. I'll work with you to build a site from the ground up, that is performant, reliable, and easy to use.


My Work ๐Ÿ‘ท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

I’ve been a trusted partner for many web design/development projects! These are my most recent projects from 2020-2022. Want to see more?

Credentials ๐Ÿ”’

My front-end career started around the year 2009, when I built my first website on Weebly for a band I was in. From there, web development / design / management became a huge piece of my life. I started working directly for Weebly on their support team, assisting over 30 million customers design, create and showcase their website. After two years at Weebly, I transitioned to more back-end and hosting stack focused roles at and Flywheel/WP Engine, which helped me bridge the gap between how the front-end and back-end work together (specializing in WordPress specifically), and what it takes to make a website performant, efficient, and secure.

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From setting up a Raspberry Pi, all the way to designing a website that expresses your brand and values in 5+ different languages, I've helped many customers big and small, but I'm not done yet! Happy to help you next ๐Ÿ˜

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