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On the Road Again

Last Wednesday, I got the opportunity to see Willie and the gang live in Lincoln, at the Pinewood Bowl. If you ever get the chance to see him and the band live, I would recommend it.

Schwinndian (Model #2)

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Here at the Schwinndian factory we have been working diligently over the past few weeks to get our Schwinndian (BETA Model #2) on the streets (or board tracks).

Fresh out of the shop as of late last night, I’m happy to present to you Model #2:

So far I have approximately 5 miles on it, and it’s holding up without a problem. When building this, the biggest problem I was observing was that the chain had very small margins to operate within, so I took special care to ensure the chain holds tight with a custom built spring tensioner.

Custom spring tensioner.

The muffler also presented some spacing issues with the pedals. So, to cut down on weight and elude our spacing troubles, the muffler was left behind thanks to my trusty cut-off grinder. That’s right, 2-cycle straight pipe!

Model #2 greatly resembles it’s ancestors, 1900s-era Board Track Racers

New at the Long Castle: Murphy Table

It has finally arrived: The Midwestern Winter

So, what does that mean? In short, this means it’s going to get cold every day and even colder every night, doing a swell job at making you just want to stay inside as much as possible… and build cool stuff out of wood!

Recently I found myself in a table-dilemma. I really needed a place to work where I could sit down, focus and get things done. The perfect quiet zone in my house is (by no contest) my bedroom.



While it’s not Thursday, I definitely have a throwback for you. Three years ago (and one day) my band, The Upstairs Blues Band, performed at our last show as a group.


Yet Another New Website

Hi Everyone!

As you can probably tell, I’ve given the site a little TLC since I’ve had some free time this week. I’m still working on a few changes, so be sure to come back again soon.