While it’s not Thursday, I definitely have a throwback for you. Three years ago (and one day) my band, The Upstairs Blues Band, performed at our last show as a group.

Back in 2009, myself and 4 other young musicians came together through a program hosted by Academy of Rock. AoR had numerous options for students of many agos, one of them being the AoR Blues Class. This class taught us about not only blues, but roots music of all kind — blues, country, soul, r&b, reggae, etc. — and how to communicate through music, whether it be in your basement or on stage.

Eventually we started playing a lot of different venues, including Beale Street in Memphis, TN, Uncle Bo’s in Topeka, KS, The Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE and a number of other events. This led us to break away from being a class and transform into a young blues band: The Upstairs Blues Band.